Salary: Thỏa Thuận

Location: Văn phòng Hội sở

Application deadline: 19/07 — 18/08/2022

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Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Produce videos and photos used for social media channels and related marketing programs (demo video, ads, interview video, ...)
  • Create and organize stock images/videos library.
  • Clip Editing, motion graphics, sound editing, music editing, color grading.
  • Communicate with team about creative content scheduling, deadlines, and logistics as needed
  • Work collaboratively with other teams to continuously raise the bar in terms of production value.
  • Analyze video performance, maintain/improve our visual standards for video and photos.

Required Skills:

  • Solid understanding of photo, video, and audio editing.
  • Solid understanding of graphic design.
  • Experience with editing software, including Adobe After Effects, Premier
  • Can use Photoshop, AI in basic visual design
  • Creative and artistic skills
  • Experiencing sourcing music, sound effects, stock photos and stock videos from various online libraries.
  • Establish a clear understanding of the storyline and purpose of the video's creation
  • Ability to collaborate well with others to create finished products.

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